Conflict International, an established intelligence, investigation and surveillance agency with offices in New York and London.

When you have suspicions that something isn’t quite right, the need to know the truth becomes the most important factor. You need experts to uncover the whole picture.

Conflict New York is fully licensed to operate in the states of New York and Florida. We are also able to tap into Conflict International's extensive, worldwide network of contacts and sources from law enforcement, the intelligence community, the military and the corporate sector. These sources enable us to obtain customized, reliable, hard-to-get intelligence and provide investigative services with the highest level of quality and depth of analysis.

From our New York office, we specialize in corporate accounts and can assist with asset tracing, due diligence investigations, intellectual property protection, background checks and pre-employment screenings. Our specialist technical team can advise on cyber security and computer forensics.

We can assist with complex investigations including criminal matters such as fraud, bribery, corruption and theft. We also offer support and intelligence investigations for litigation cases and consulting for Subpoena and Discovery Compliance.

Conflict International is able to provide assistance for private clients which include surveillance, missing person cases, witness location and obtaining evidence for matrimonial and custody dispute. View our range of services.

To discuss how we can assist with an issue, contact us now in confidence.

"Sinai Megibow is endlessly resourceful and relentless in tracking down leads. He is fearless in knocking on doors and going to places that many other investigators never would have the guts for, all in the service of the case and discovering the truth. Sinai gets my highest recommendation." - Terry Keefe